about me

Welcome, my name is Jesse Williams.

This is where I house my thoughts on topics that interest me including product marketing, open sources strategies, developer marketing, and anything else that catches my attention. The opinions that you will find in my posts are my own, they do not represent the views of my employer (AWS) and are taken directly from my current views on life, which I expect will change as I grow and experience more. Life is a journey, you can follow mine or ignore it … trolling is unappreciated.

All is grace, Jesse


professional bio

Jesse Williams specializes in leading product marketing for developer tools. He has a deep understanding of developer workflows, how to position technical products in competitive markets, and how to enable sellers to confidently bring developer solutions to IT decision makers. Jesse currently leads Product Marketing for the AWS DevTools potfolio (CDK, IDEs, IDE Toolkits, SDKs, IaC.) Prior to AWS, Jesse led the lifecycle marketing team for Red Hat Developer, a community of over 1.5 million independent software developers. Jesse got his start in developer marketing while leading the marketing efforts for Codenvy and open source Eclipse Che.

Outside of work, he is involved with the Eclipse Cloud Development Tools Working Group, where he hosts Cloud Chats, a Twitch series focused on open source leadership and strategy, and serves as a board advisor for Stanza, an open source log agent that’s part of the CNCF’s OpenTelemetry project.

Jesse resides in Alexandria, VA with his wife and three kids.



what’s with the random art

I’m sure that after looking around my site, many of you are wondering “What’s with the random art?”

It’s difficult to find good art these days. Maybe it’s because the appreciation for art is dieing or maybe it’s because we’re constantly bombarded with cheap knock-offs? Either way, I love art and hope that my appreciation for it gets transfered to those who visit my site. I’ve included links to learn more about the artists under each image. Sorry in advance for all the Picasso, I’ve felt a connection to his work and hope to own a few original pieces in the future.